RDU RounD-Up and Decknology Final TONIGHT!

Things are gettin’ pretty exciting in ole Churchtown today. A crazy norwester is blowin’ through town and 5 of Christchurch’s best bands are preparing for the RDU RounD-Up final. RounD-Up is probably Christchurch’s longest running band competition and was formerly known as the “Not-So-Young-Entertainers Competition” (the name being a piss take on a NZ TV talent show). From the wee bit of research that I did online I came across an archive of the RDU site back in 1998 which makes RDU’s band competition at least 10 years old. The Stefan Van Soest Hit Machine (SVSHM) were winners that year with Duluxeboy, Android and Mountains of Murray also in the final. To find out more about who entered in 1998 click here. The SVSHM still play the odd gig in CHCH in some form or other and have just launched a new page on Facebook. Winners over the last couple of years include Bang! Bang! Eche!The Tiger Tones, and The Undercurrents. All amazing bands in their own special way and all bands RDU has been proud to champion. The amount of brilliant musical talent coming out of Christchurch over the last 5 years has been fantastic. This years RounD-Up final is freakin’ exciting too and consists of (in no particular order) The KlapTiny Paper DaggersDenmark StreetJimmy Zoom and the Beytown Grifters and Sexy Animals. I wish them all the best and I look forward to their performances.

See you at the Dux.
Dr H