Some more TOP 5s for you MOFOs

First up we’ve got TOP 5s from 2 members of Bang! Bang! Eche!, T’Nealle and James. You can also catch them on the radio too fulla ow! They host Friday Brunch (10am – noon) on RDU 98.5… CHCH-side! And then we’ve got an interesting list from Darcy Gladwin aka Emu and main man behind Cure Motel, he does heaps of other guff too ow yo.



T’Nealle from Bang! Bang! Eche!

1. Nathalie, Touch Me There Again – moron says what?!?!
2. Come Back Lover – charlie ash
3. Junk Yard Shots – Brand New Math
4. death of you – comenichi
5. ah yeah – The Grates

Prime Minister John Key and James from Bang! Bang! Eche! (Uber TOTz LOLz)
in no order 
Redlights – Salem
Lovely Weather – The Vandelles 
Grown Men Don’t Fall in the River, Just Like That – LIARS
A Milli – LIl Wayne
Bird – Pattern is Movement
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Dr H