Have you heard the music of Tom Cosm?


Tom Cosm Live at Canaan Downs Festival NYE 2008/2009

Let me tell you about someone who is doing something interesting in the music industry. Tom Cosm is a guy who performs an interesting blend of minimal, electro, trance and whatever else he decides to chuck in there, using a laptop and various controllers.

He promotes his musical project using word of mouth, keeping all of his music free for download to anyone at any time. Tom has used this method to become a well known musician and has traveled to perform and teach at some of the worlds most renowned electronic dance music festivals, including Boom Festival (Portugal), Rainbow Serpent Festival (Australia) and Ultra Groove (Brazil).

The other interesting thing about this guy, is he makes all of his techniques available to anyone… no production secrets or exclusivity. His interactiv e website is full of tutorial videos and ready to jam Ableton Live packs, so people can see not just how he wrote the music, but how he gives a true live performance (he’s not one of these hit-play-and-dancearound-like-i’m-doing-something live acts).

One problem Tom does have, is writing profiles in third person. It always ends up sounding wanky, so I am going to stop right there and talk directly to you if that’s ok, it’s a lot nicer for me and I hope for you as well.

You’re reading this because someone made a decision that my project is worth spreading. Your task is to decide if this persons opinion is enough for you to take it to the next level and have a skim through my work your self.

If anything in this write up has triggered your curiosity, I invite you come on over using the link below, I’ve set up a single page for you with immediate resources so you can quickly browse over the things I do and make your own decision.

Word of mouth – it’s the way I work. I don’t have a label, I don’t have any fancy releases and I am not going to be taking any scene by storm- but I will make sure everyone who ever respects my project will get it right back in return.

Thanks for reading this far in an age of information overload.



MP3: All his music is available for free from here

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:: Dr H