Artist: Bang! Bang! Eche! Song: Fist Full of Dollars. Reviewer: Tom Darlow

Finally! A new tune from ritalined vibesters Bang Bang Eche, and it trumps all their previous work in the first 30 seconds. From its cinematic intro to its glitched finale, Fist Full of Dollars packs punches. It seems the band have found their feet, figured out what they do best and done it in spades. The dominant synth line is frenetic and groovy as all hell, the guitars are edgy, glitched and reworked, the vocals are witty and delivered with savage conviction and the drums are have more groove than ever before. Overtop of all of this the tune is mixed and produced beautifully. Download it here, and hang on for the ride.

MP3: Bang! Bang! Eche! – Fist Full of Dollars