So do we need a background on this Christchurch, NZ and worldwide famous band?

They started around 2007 if memory serves – they’re young, and have done a hell of a lot in a really really REALLY short amount of time. If you’ve heard their music, you’ll understand why.

So the question has always been what does Bang! Bang! Eche! mean, and how did they start. I wasn’t even gonna go there in this review, except I found this comment on a random American blogsite so I had to share:

“We get the Bang! Bang! part, but what does Eche at the end of it mean? BBE’s guitarist/synth player, Charlie explains. “ECHE is native Maori for “awesome partytimes”!!!


They released a self titled EP last year, and have released a follow up titled SONIC DEATH CUNTTTT.

SONIC DEATH CUNTTTT is brash, in your face, dance punk. It’s in the realm of Test Icicles, Rapture, Liars and Gang of Four – mixing punk and rave on another level. Everything works: the bass, the electronics, the guitar, the vocals, the speed, the screaming, the distortion. Only young people can do this well. I don’t wanna hear this stuff made by 35 year olds.

The four tracks, totalling 12 minutes of happiness, tell me to forget about my problems and come party. My favourite track on the EP is Dirt In The Water for it’s blinding guitar riffs and pace. And if you go see them live, you’re going to be happy. Everyone can play every instrument, and you can tell they enjoy it. Another bonus is that Zach vocalises in a NZ accent. YUSSSS.

I’ve always thought this group were great and they’ve surpassed that annoying generic word. They’re tight, exuberant, and the recordings are top notch. I need a new word in another language to describe this band, so because I’m in Japan I’ll do as the Japanese do. Bang! Bang! Eche = SUUUUUUGGGGOOOOIIIIII!!!!!

:: Darlene Brown (reporting from Japan)

MP3: Bang! Bang! Eche! – fist full of dollars