Module – Angry Little Machine

Starlifter.TV Exclusive

The latest song from Wellington based Module aka Jeramiah Ross is MOIST. It is the most krunkin glitched out electro tune to come out for ages and definately a sign of where funky musos in general are gonna be taking things in 2010. I had a phone call from an excitable young Jeramiah (or Jazzzy as I like to call him) this morning telling me that he had an amazing track for me and that I’d love it. In my capacity as Music Director at RDU 98.5 FM I get these types of calls frequently and I must say I was a little weary about this call from my old friend. But this tune lives up to the hype and absolutely delivers the solid electro krunk. ‘Angry Little Machine’ is about the machine in the title, how he becomes aware, his motives and what he does next. Musically it has a glitchy, electronic, egytpian sounding melody that is matched to a broken 4/4 beat. Technically you can’t fault old Mod’, ┬áhe is a master of his craft and this piece is no exception! Download it! Krank it! Mank it!

MP3: Module – Angry Little Machine

Dr H