Full Moon Fiasco – Cosmic Palms and National Tour.

Full Moon Fiasco

MUZAI Records are proud to announce that Wellington band Full Moon Fiasco are releasing their debut album Cosmic Palms (release date: August 9th) with a national tour; kicking off on August 6th at Wellington’s hallowed venue Happy.

Featuring members of Thought Creature, Kittentank, Red Country and The Pickups, you could almost call Full Moon Fiasco a Wellington super group of sorts. In fact you really should. Almost unbelievably awesome and absolutely mind blowing live, Full Moon Fiasco are the band that has been missing from your lives, mortals!

Full Moon Fiasco stems from a solo recording project by Thought Creature’s Will Rattray which encompassed a desire to explore new sonic territory outside of Thought Creature (with their honed and tight, dance friendly/post punk sound), drawing on a larger palette of multi-tracked full, lush approach to song craft reminiscent of anything by Brian Wilson or the 13th Floor Elevators. The resulting album Cosmic Palms encompasses a layered, textured sound that draws on the psychedelic elements of bands like Piper at the Gates of Dawn era Pink Floyd, and more recently Brian Jonestown Massacre. At times the album almost feels garage such as in tracks like Neighbourhood Clowns, or dream-like in Eyes and Ears and Full Moon Fiasco. An album so good, in fact, that Worlds above and Worlds Below was chosen to be in the Awesome Feeling 4 compilation put out by Real Groove.

Cosmic Palms, recorded using both four track and digital formats, is a dense wander through psychedelic territory that makes good use of old and new technology. Featuring organs, acoustic guitar dispersed with the odd killer electrified riff, a solid rhythm section and the floating, shamanistic vocals of Rattray, Cosmic Palms is, simply put, the business. Showing a solid and well thought out grasp of song structure and wicked hooks, make no mistake – it’s a catchy beast, so consider yourself warned.
After playing live as a band for the past year or more, Will Rattray, Isaac Mawson, Alice Macklow and Aidan Craig have “killed it” at numerous parties and venues around New Zealand. As such and quite rightly so, Full Moon Fiasco have developed into a force to be reckoned with – an all out aural cacophony of blistering psychedelic tones and sounds.

To support the album release of Cosmic Palms Full Moon Fiasco are undertaking a national tour from the 6th to the 21st of August.

Full Moon Fiasco Tour Dates

August 6th Happy, Wellington
August 14th The Basement, Auckland (Golden Axe, Pikachunes, Cat Venom – all ages)
August 18th The Blue Ice Cafe, Franz Josef
August 20th Chicks Hotel, Port Chalmers (Bad Sav + more tbc)
August 21st Media Club, Christchruch (early show – all ages)
August 21st Goodbye Blue Monday, Christchurch

MP3s: Full Moon Fiasco – Worlds above and Worlds Below – Awesome Feeling 4 (log-in/sign-up required)

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