HUSSIES – Miss Anthropy

HussiesSup Stiflers,

The first single, Miss Anthropy, from Muzai Records latest signing, HUSSIES, has just been added to Starlifter Radio.

Here’s the press deets:

Unapologetic Sharpie Crows members Casey James Latimer and Jackson Hobbs sell out, sign to MUZAI Records and write a pop album, as “Miss Anthropy”, the first single from the group, sets out to show.

Maybe the label’s best kept secret, or worse job at publicity since it began, “Miss Anthropy” was previously debuted as a video on popular music website Under The Radar a couple of moons ago, with the group assuming the name Girls Pissing at that juncture of their musical life. Having boasted of an album of “pop wank” that the kids will enjoy, Hussies as they have come to call themselves really have delivered the goods – “Miss Anthropy” is pleasurable pop. Grey Headed Ghosts is a pleasurable pop album.

It’s so joyous that excited Australian A&R man Chris Ramjet has gone as far as to claim he’d “… eat my own urethra if it isn’t the best old-school pop album released this year.”

Grey Headed Ghosts will be released by MUZAI Records mid November; our last release of the year and the perfect way to set up for the summer holiday that awaits.

HUSSIES on Muzai