This will be our year | Starlifter.TV

Album covers of songs played in this weeks show

In these crazy times I am trying to be optimistic yet cheeky. 90s pop, computer game music, psychedelic 60s rock pop, ambient and dark techno does this for me. If it sounds like you, tune in 🎧🙏


  1. The Cardigans – Carnival
  2. Sakai Asuka, Billy Valentine, Jaq Becker – A Long Time: The Six Years
  3. The Zombies – This Will Be Our Year (Mono version)
  4. Shadowgraphs – I’ve been around
  5. Life Without Buildings – New Town
  6. Deradoorian – Saturnine Night
  7. Roy Montgomery – Landfall (feat Liz Harris)
  8. Mister Lies – Ashore
  9. Aleksandir – Yamaha
  10. Dosem – Instead
  11. Timothy Clerkin – Psalm
  12. Shaded – My Stimuli