Tuesday, 1st June 2010 – Christchurch, New Zealand.

“Starlifter Radio, an internet radio station broadcasting from Christchurch, New Zealand has a brand new website and is rockin’ the digital airwaves.”
Says station automation system, HAL++.

Self described Star Captain, Dr Hitchcock (not a real doctor and known to his mother as Benet), started Starlifter Radio in September 2009 as an outlet for him and his friends to play Indie Rock, Psych Rock, Glitchy Electro, Nu Disco and various other musical genres. Since then a small community has started to gather around the new school wireless to listen to this unique station.

“The launch of the new website gives the Starlifter community a place to communicate with each other and party like it’s 2999.” says HAL++.

Coinciding with the website launch is the addition of ‘The Delicious Music Show’ to the programme. This is broadcast live every week from Outer Space, located above Cosmic Corner in downtown Christchurch. The show features various DJs playing a selection of Glitch, Techno, Minimal, House and assorted bleeps and beeps.

‘The Delicious Music Show’ is the latest addition to an entertaining and unreal programme.
“It’s better than your iPod on shuffle!” says one member of the Starlifter Radio community, and that is backed up by Hal++.
“There is much thought put into the playlists, you’re not gonna get a loud rock song followed by ambient electronica (unless it really works in a clever kind of way).”

“We don’t just play music either.” says Dr Hitchcock.
“We actually have radio presenters sharing their personal insights and musical knowledge from time to time. They talk significantly less smack than some on commercial radio and when they do speak they make it worth listening to. Every week live shows are broadcast from various locations around Christchurch. We also play various features, podcasts and DJ mixes. And over the coming months we’ll be doing the odd giveaway too, choice!”

Starlifter Radio is currently accepting submissions of new music, DJ sets and anything that will sound good on the wi-fi. Submissions can be made via email to: submissions (at) starlifterradio.com