8k.nz – it is happening again…

Source: society6.com
Source: society6.com

What crazy times we live in! UK #Brexited, #Drumpf is leading the Republicans and I’m starting another internet radio station! A whole bunch of my Christchurch based mates are joining me in setting up a new thang called 8k.nz.

8k is a Christchurch centric, democratically driven and community focused internet radio station. It’s basically a whole bunch of our friends coming together and making a raucous sound. We’re not trying to change the world, become your new favourite thing or trying to figure out what you’re into so we can sell you more shit you don’t need; we’re just having fun. 8k is a place for us to experiment, to try things you can’t do on FM. The technology is there and it’s cheap so why not?!

I have a weekly show everything Thursday night from 8pm so stream with me for the latest.

And don’t worry, I’ll still be doing Starlifter Radio but it’s just much nicer playing with others huh ๐Ÿ˜‰

This is Dr Hitchcock reminding you to…
Trust your TechnoLust.

Mixtape Connection: Farewell Internetta – Party and Broadcast

Mixtape Connection - Farewell Internetta - Flyer

Hey folks, the Mixtape Connection is back!

This time gracing the fine CBD of Christchurch, playing a free show at Darkroom Bar!! This farewell party for our dear friend Netta will feature various DJ sets from some of the city’s finest and best looking Indie, Electro and Rock DJs.

Dance Armstrong AKA Ed Muzik will appear from your wildest sexy dreams,
Mr Bert Johnson from Throwing Shapes on RDU,
Tim, the Pinacolada Soundsystem, host of the ‘On The Decks’ show, also on RDU,
Myself, Dr Hitchcock rockin the Radness,
And not to mention a guest cameo appearance from DJ FALSE FACT.

This party will also be broadcast live on StarlifterRadio.com for those getting their Friday night vibe on and house parties around the world. Tune in via VLC, iTunes or another compatible program using starlifter.net.nz:8000/radio.m3u. Alternatively you can use the stream player on the Starlifter Radio front page.

Mixtape Connection: Farewell Internetta
Friday, 24th October 2013
Bar opens at 5pm, DJs start at 9pm
Darkroom Bar
Free entry

Come on down for a good ole boogie!

Dr H

Happy freakin’ New Year!!!

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Hey ‘Lifters!

Happy New Year! If you’re in the Southern hemisphere I hope all your Summer has been hot, sparkly and rad. If you’re in the North I wish you all the traditional white, chill vibes you get this time of year.

Starlifter Radio had one of it’s biggest years ever in 2012. We had live fortnightly radio shows from Blue & Green with Shaun Parker, Hottest Whatever, Human Pleasure with Bill, Aqua Oyster Cult, Islands and myself with Mixtape 3051. We also snuck in a few live event broadcasts from Delicious Dose and Fran’s Birthday Party ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank-you so much to all who were involved and had so fun with us. I’d also like to personally like to thank Fran, Lu, Rob, David, Bill, Shaun, Greg, Mishka, Markj, Tom Cosm, Ez, Muz, Antz and my darling panda wife Claire.

I don’t think we’ve ever had that many live broadcasts on Starlifter in a single year before and it was bloody marvelous. Alas such a pace can be hard to maintain and in 2013 there will be less live radio shows. Starlifter is steering it’s bow from tuneage to tech. 2012 was a big year for Starlifter in the realm of geek. I’ve discovered the PirateBox, the Raspberry Pi, Minecraft as well as a deeper love for GNU/Linux and the free and open source movement. So although there will be plenty of tunes on the dirty ‘oleย  ‘lifter be expecting some fantastic tech and tings from Starlifter Digital.

I’ll leave you with this from the original uber Tech Lord Carl Sagan:

โ€œIf you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.โ€

Dr Hitchcock

DJ Lotion & Knave Knixx debut on Starlifter

DJ Lotion & Knave Knixx
DJ Lotion & Knave Knixx

DJ Lotion & Knave Knixx make their debut on Starlifter this Wednesday 6th June. Originally from Wellington, Lotion & Knixx are former RadioActive 88.6FM Drive Hosts with Lotion also the former Music Content Manager and On-Air Producer for Active. Since arriving in Melbourne Lotion has been hosting various shows on 3RRR 102.7FM including the ‘Over The Ditch‘ New Zealand music feature. They’ve both been playing out around Melbourne and I caught them playing a fab Saturday arvo set at The Johnston Street Milk Bar next to Victoria Park Station on the weekend.

More info:
DJ Lotion – Facebook
Knave Knixx – Facebook
DJ Lotion – SoundCloud

It’s a real honour to have these guys on the stream, tune in on Wednesday from 8PM AEST (GMT+10).

Dr H