Mixtape Connection 10th Anniversary Party

Mixtape Connection 10th Anniversary flyer

Hey Mixtapers,

Well apparently it’s been a decade since I threw my first gig and club night. The Mixtape Connection was a monthly club night riding high on the indie dance rock vibe that was being driven by the likes of DFA Records and LCD Soundsystem. There were plenty of bands playing around Christchurch at the time but not many rock’n’roll DJs. Richard MacFarlane, Missy G, Bill (Indie Slut) and myself decided to change that and throw our own party at Capitol Bar. It ran every month for a year and a half and it was fun while it lasted. Since then we’re thrown on average a party a year. Missy G plays around Christchurch ALL THE TIME and Bill ran another club night called the Nu Trend with Daniel Millar (Tobiaz) and Annie Kean. The Mixtape Connection was a real launchpad for me and the rest of the crew, it helped us hone our DJing skills and get our names out there. Since then I’ve lived in Melbourne twice and played parties on both sides of the Tasman and at some big festivals.

We also put out a CD of Christchurch music..

This is NOT the Christchurch sound – Vol. 1 by Starlifter Radio on Mixcloud

I’d like to thank all the party peeps and everyone else who got involved with the parties over the years. For those still in town hopefully we’ll see you at Smashies! Also, many thanks to Brian Feary from Melted Ice Cream for the work on the gig flyer.

So come on down to Smash Palace on High Street to see the return of Christchurch’s most notorious scene elders for one night only of Rock, Brit-Pop, 80s, Electro-Clash, and whatever Missy G is gonna play, probably John B ;D

Here are the deets for your next dose of nostelgia:

Mixtape Connection 10th Anniversary!

Missy G [GirlSchool | RDU],
Indie Slut [Human Pleasure | RDU],
Dr Hitchcock [Mixtape 8014 | Starlifter Radio],
Pinacolada Sound System [On The Decks | RDU].

Saturday 4th July.
20:00 – 02:00.
Smash Palace, High Street, Christchurch.
Free entry.

For more info stayed tuned to Starlifter Radio or listen to the following shows on RDU 98.5 FM:
GirlSchool – Tuesday 18:00-19:30
Human Pleasure – Monday 18:00-20:00
On the Decks – Saturday 14:00-16:00

Dr H xox.

P.S. If I can motivated I might even broadcast the gig live on Starlifter but we’ll see how we go ;p

Cure Motel and the Open Heart Circuitry NZ Tour 2014

Hey rad cats,

My old friend Darcy and his band Cure Motel are doing an NZ tour at the mo. They’re playing tonight at Churchills in Christchurch and at Dux Live on Sunday 19th October.

Cure Motel is filthy electro synth along the lines of Mulchzoid. Darcy is originally from Wellington but is now Melbourne based and I used to DJ with him and his crew when they came to town back in the mid-2000s. You might remember one of their gigs at Capitol Bar where the artist Reality Compound performed the song “Get Some Pussy” resulting in RC pouring a bottle of milk on his fury cat soft toy. Needless to say that the Bar Manager and his security were not happy.

For more info check out:

I’ll be down at Churchills tonight for a few pints if anyone is keen ;D

Dr H.

Mixtape Connection: Farewell Internetta – Party and Broadcast

Mixtape Connection - Farewell Internetta - Flyer

Hey folks, the Mixtape Connection is back!

This time gracing the fine CBD of Christchurch, playing a free show at Darkroom Bar!! This farewell party for our dear friend Netta will feature various DJ sets from some of the city’s finest and best looking Indie, Electro and Rock DJs.

Dance Armstrong AKA Ed Muzik will appear from your wildest sexy dreams,
Mr Bert Johnson from Throwing Shapes on RDU,
Tim, the Pinacolada Soundsystem, host of the ‘On The Decks’ show, also on RDU,
Myself, Dr Hitchcock rockin the Radness,
And not to mention a guest cameo appearance from DJ FALSE FACT.

This party will also be broadcast live on StarlifterRadio.com for those getting their Friday night vibe on and house parties around the world. Tune in via VLC, iTunes or another compatible program using starlifter.net.nz:8000/radio.m3u. Alternatively you can use the stream player on the Starlifter Radio front page.

Mixtape Connection: Farewell Internetta
Friday, 24th October 2013
Bar opens at 5pm, DJs start at 9pm
Darkroom Bar
Free entry

Come on down for a good ole boogie!

Dr H

GO Nomada – September 22

GO Nomada flyer - Sept 2012
Sup party peeps!

Spring is almost upon us and the long lost cats are comin’ out to play! My good mate Darcy aka Cure Motel and EMU is throwing another GO Nomada warehouse party on Saturday 22nd September. I’ve been to plenty of his parties in the past and I’m sure this one will doof you socks off.

Check out the deets below and see ya on the d-floor!

Dr H

GO Nomada is a global roaming system of unique themed-arts performance and production. Live electronic based-bands and producer DJ’s with full lighting, roving performers and themed décor. 2012 Spring Party celebrates original mixed-genre NZ and AUS electronica in a two-zone private warehouse, Brunswick Melbourne.

In the future GO Nomada tours NZ this summer and 2013 will witness Australia touring and annual Spring party, Melbourne.


  • DOM HOGAN (the apiarist)



décor: Mark Rosenbrock

This is a limited capacity event so get presales quick …

… the legend of the GO Nomada :

Since almost the dawn of time, when the bees began pollinating the forest, the Nomada species grew and flourished under the wise tutelage of the Queen Nomadini.

But there was a division and a lot of the tribe became klepto-parasitic ! They steal and feed off others as their way in life. The Good Nomada, heretofore referred to as ‘GO Nomada’ made peaceful protes

t but were assaulted in return and had to retaliate in self defence.

It was a long and bloody war with many hives lost forever. Because the bad Nomada were so skilled at deceitful and violent ways they easily defeated the GO Nomada, the Queen Nomadini was killed and the klepto-parasites now roam the world with over 850 species spotted.

However, ONE GO Nomada slipped away unnoticed, even with a broken leg he managed to escape. It is rumored that he may have started a new hive somewhere and that the GO Nomada tribe may still be somewhere in the world. They are no doubt peace-loving hedonistic bees with vast riches of golden honey.

GO Nomada touring has been titled in honour of this missing legend. Our quest is to travel the planet in search of the GO Nomada and restore their rightful place in the scientific annals of history and indeed to tell the Go Nomada that it’s ok to come out of hiding, to make party and spread their golden word.