‘2012 – Get a Job’ by Lewka & Trillion [Giveaway]

'2012 - Get a Job' by Lewka & Trillion - album cover

‘2012 – Get a Job’ the latest release by Trillion aka Jody Lloyd, with Lewka, is out. FARK it is good. This is one of the most interesting and relevant releases that I’ve heard from Trillion in a while. The EP has an interesting contrast in sounds between songs and challenges the listener in a way only Trillion can.

In ‘2012 – Get a Job’ he addresses issues affecting all of us in these crazy times i.e. is democracy working, how can we help each other, how do we communicate with people with differing views, and is getting a haircut and J-O-B the only (or best) way to change the world or at least stopping it from falling into purgatory.

If this EP sounds like your bag then have a listen:

Trillion has also kindly given Starlifter a digital copy of the EP to giveaway. If you’d like to go into the draw to win this F.A.B. release name a simple way to ‘Occupy’ or make a difference in your everyday world. Either email your entry to info@starlifterradio.com or post your entry at the Starlifter Radio Facebook page. The winner will be announce Friday, 11th May 2012.

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Die! Die! Die! – Form

Die! Die! Die! - Form

Review by Andrew Barry

On their recently released third full length album ‘Form” Die! Die! Die! has created possibly their best record to date, and one of immense scope.

“Form” is their first album on Flying Nun Records, and it is a fitting new beginning for the heartily welcomed back, and revitalized label, one for whom terms such as seminal and legendary, only really scratch the surface in a time where they are thrown about with such comfort by many.

On “Form” Die! Die! Die! remains the same, uncompromising and challenging band who gave us their self-titled debut in 2005 and 2007’s excellent Shayne Carter produced “Promises, Promises”. Yet, they have stretched themselves into different musical places, and sonic colours. This is an album which while still evoking the post-punk influences which drive the 3-piece, reaches for new territory, and while remaining a beast of an LP, it is a melodic, beautiful beast.

Perhaps most importantly, this is an album in the original sense of the word, like the songs themselves, there’s no fat on these bones- at just under 40 minutes running time, there is not a weak track here, nor many moments of let up. If the band aren’t at one point, startlingly inventive within the traditional framework of the 3 piece post rock and roll band, then they are at the next returning to thrash elements of their past.

However “Form”, while providing an accessibility (if that isn’t considered a dirty word) for new listeners to discover the band, is not a sea change which should worry long-term fans. It is an album of contrast, and one where the band, rather than bludgeon the listener with their music, lure them in with swirling textures, and melodies emerging from what on previous records may have been impenetrable walls of sound.

Frontman Andrew Wilson, while, this reviewer doesn’t wish to discount the meritorious efforts of Michael Prain (Drums), and Lachlan Anderson (Bass) is the star throughout “Form” both in his angered, yet yearning vocals, and his guitar playing- which is often at the front of the mix, be it with swathes of noise or with his jangly, yet jagged riffs which bump up against the rhythm section in a memorable way.

Across the album, stand out tracks abound. Worthy of note is the opening “Caseman” which lays down the manifesto in style, for what is to follow, the pairing of b.Net hits “How Ye” and “We Built Our Own Oppressors” and a personal favorite, “Daze” which dips its toes into shoegaze territory, and features the superb military beat drumming of Prain throughout.

“Form” evokes many other artists, the likes of My Bloody Valentine in general, on “Paquin” the warped pop of Wavves or on “Wastelands” The Mint Chicks; however it is a triumph of Die! Die! Die!’s skill and ability that these influences and others morph into something very much their own.

This is a band at an exciting stage of their career, and these new songs deserve to be heard on a larger stage – their recent and upcoming big ticket support slots for such forebears as the Pixies and Peter Hook are testament to this. On the back of an outstanding record, the chance to see Die! Die! Die! at Lyttelton’s tiny, El Santo Porteno on December 17th is a veritable treat, where their huge sonic nature and trademark live electricity will be on show in a unique venue.

‘Wasted Lands’ is currently on the Starlifter Radio playlist.

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Stephen Farris – Alphabet Soup EP

Stephen Farris - Alphabet SoupNot a lot of hip-hop style electronic beats float past Starlifter these days but woah this shiz is mind blowing. Stephen Farris’s 3 track Alphabet Soup release is fascinating, neuron bending and simply happening. On ‘Leslie D’ the sound touches on the popular broken beat style without becoming a one-trick pony, a trait many of the songs in this style often possess. My favourite of the 3 is ‘Radio Drifter’ but then I am a sucker for glitches containing radio samples 🙂

Here’s the lowdown on Stephen Farris:
“Stephen Farris is a 20 year old beat maker, producer, and visual artist hailing from Houston, Texas. This soundscaper makes jams from forgotten synths, VHS tapes, and warped records of yesteryear. His inspiration comes from coincidences in nature, lucid dreams, and existence. He’s been collecting and sampling VHS tapes since he got his first sampler during his high school years. This is an aural and audible journey into the mind and soul.”

For more info and tunes from our very talented brother Stephen you can visit here:

‘Radio Drifter’ is currently on the Starlifter Radio playlist and you can download the EP for free from here:
MP3: Stephen Farris – Alphabet Soup EP

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The Band in Heaven – the band in Heaven / Weird Wives split tape

the band in Heaven / Weird Wives split tape
the band in Heaven / Weird Wives split tape

The Band in Heaven


Review by Marie Jeanette Davis

The Band in Heaven’s shoegaze sound is uniquely alternative, and catchy enough to appeal to a wide audience all night long – or enjoy more than once. Derived from the Talking Heads song “Heaven” (The band in Heaven, they play my favourite song. Play it one more time, play it all night long) the band’s name alludes to post-punk and new wave themes the shoegaze genre springs from.

Based in West Palm Beach, Florida, The Band in Heaven recently released a split tape with the Weird Wives (3/5 of Surfer Blood) through Workerbee Records. Listening to the nonchalant, unpolished noise of these contributions is refreshingly neat. The music is in the vein of My Bloody Valentine, the Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and Black Tambourine.

Summer Bummer fades in with atmospheric vibrations. A driving, distorted guitar riff is balanced by muffled, brooding vocals of Ates Isildak. The dreamy reverb sound is complete when Lauren Dwyer backs up Isildak’s lyrics with cute melody.

Suicide Pact yields a sweet take on a morbid subject – “You’re friends ‘til the end”. The repetitive, moody surf riff and lyrics are almost mesmerizing, with a pace to keep you on your toes.

If you like, flick over to demos where you will find a cover of Cranberries’ song Dream.  It’s awesome. As are the gruntier live recordings also available at www.bandcamp.com.