The Enright House – Remixes and Collaborations [Review by Thom]


Mark from ‘The Enright house’ is like the new character on Home and Away. He’s dark, a little troubled, generally misunderstood but has a heart of purest honey. And much like these characters, who warm and sprout and blossom into best friends over careful weeks and repeat encounters, Mark’s music reveals itself slowly, maturing like an aging palette with every listen.

His latest release ‘Remixes and Collaborations’ is a collection of silk-smooth, post post rock, electronic glimpses into the musical brotherhood that Mark has nurtured with the likes of NZ bolters A Flight to Blackout, Fiveandahalfminutes, Misfit Mod and Coterie.

From the coalblack, brooding opener ‘3’, to the delicate and feather-heavy finale, ‘Darkwave = MC squared’, ‘Remixes and Collaborations’ is well paced and varied, delving briefly into the industrial, introspective, baroque and oblique, while never straying from character. While the collection shines light on all sides of Mark’s talent, it is the remixes of others’ tracks that stand head and earphones above the rest. Mark knows the production desk like an old girlfriend, and he liberally anoints these tracks in bucketfuls of mastery. A clear standout on the album, A Flight to Blackout’s ‘Fly your Arc’, hulks and grinds its way through a soundscape not unlike the war torn scenes of The Lion King, when Simba returns to a ravaged pride rock, though with computers glitching and convulsing in the fading light.

While this album may not have the grip on teenage girls that Home and Away does, it certainly has weight. Available as a free download (quality of your choosing) from the beautiful and friendly Enright House website (, it is definitely worth a listen or ten.