StarScream++ test broadcast up, up and away…

Total yay-age! How ya doin? Man have I got heaps of exciting news!!!

I’ve just launched the new beta beta Starlifter.TV online radio station and dubbed it… StarScream++. I set up this sweet little stream so that when my friends and I are jamming at the Starlifter.TV Complex we can share our rad tunes with you! Live jams and mixes will be announced on twitter so follow @starliftertv to be in the know. When nothing is being broadcast live an Auto DJ named HAL++ will be in control. Be afraid, very afraid.

HAL++’s tunes will constantly be changed out and currently consist of: Love of Diagrams, The Clean, Bang! Bang! Eche!, Amanda Blank, O’Lovely, The Horrors, Eels, Los Valentinos, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, and Liam Finn + Eliza Jane, Lawrence Arabia + Connan Mockasin… to name a few 😉

To  tune in simple hit play on the little grey player at the top right of the Starlifter.TV website or you can listen via your fav audio player by plugging in this URL:

You can also listen via your iPhone or iPod Touch by downloading this app from the iTunes App Store: and then search for “StarScream”

This audio stream is still in total test mode so if you have any issues with it please email me at drh_at_starlifter_dot_tv or hit me up on Twitter: @starliftertv

I’m still working on a logo for StarScream++ so if you have any ideas or you’d like to have a go just buzz me yo!

Oh yeah! More more! Heaps happening eh! I’ve also got a chatroom sorted on Starlifter.TV now. Just click on the tab at the top of the window that says ‘Chatroom’, easy as!

I hope that wasn’t too guff for ya. Take care til next time and ‘keep it plastic!’

Dr H