Custard Bear – F#@$ You Courtney!

Custard Bear

Just added to the Starlifter Radio playlist is ‘F#@$ You Courtney!’ from ‘Custard Bear’,¬†winner of the Chartfest 2010 Team Band Search. Well done lads! Here’s the hype:

“Custard Bear, a three piece from Christchurch Boys’ high school, has got it where it counts. They recently won the regional finals of Rockquest in Christchurch, and also took out the Team Band Search at Chartfest 2010, which they all agree was “pretty awesome, aye”. During breaks in between competitions they have been entertaining local ears with their savvy brand of crustic-pop, and have garnered a small hoard of fans, whom they treasure greatly. Some new sounds have been emerging from the band, which through sporadic attempts to capture on tape is set to culminate in an EP to be available later this year.”

Custard Bear –
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