Gun Metal hits CHCH

Visit to win tickets to this rad gig!
Visit to win tickets to this rad gig!
Hey all,
Some friends of mine are coming over from Melbourne to do a nationwide tour crunking some seriously dance worthy electro doof beats.
Here’s the story:
  • Music: Techno, Tech House, Noise, Minimal, Metal, House, Glitch, Funk, Experimental, Electro, Dubstep, Breaks
  • DJs: Kill Me DJ, Samari, Jem the Misfit

Electroluxxe promotions proudly presents ‘The Gun Metal Tour.

Dont just read it, watch the Video! –

Gun Metal Tour from Jem the Misfit on Vimeo.

After three years of hosting Wellington’s premier Club night, and a year smashing Melbourne the Gun Metal crew will be presenting their new integrated audio-visual show with a 10 day tour of New Zealand!

The tour – landing September 2009, hosts the team Kill Me DJ, Samari and Jem the Misfit!

Based in Australia, the three have already received acclaim for their production and ground breaking A/V performance’s. Jem the Misfit being the winner of Pioneer’s Pro DJ competition for visuals, Kill Me DJ having tracks released on Kitsune and Samari doing remixes for Pitch Black and Pig Out.

The sound looks beyond the fidget beats of Baltimore and into the stratosphere of tunes being played by the likes of ZZT, Oizo, Boys Noize, Edjotronic, Proxy and more.
Brandishing their metallic edged sound + visual experience across New Zealand, the crew will be playing four of the country’s top clubs and reaping havoc on the way!

Get set to experience a pumping four hour ride through audio warfare and visual carnage that is set to re-interpret club culture… This tour will be nothing but Gun Metal!!!

With special thanks to Wicked Campers for the tour bus, Radio Active, RDU, Radio 1 and RedBull.

Tour promo Video

Samari’s Gun Metal Mix

Kill Me DJ Mix

Jem the Misfit Visual Mix