Invader Tron – Native Planet (LP 2009)

Invader Tron - Native Planet

Christchurch based Andrew Snook aka Invader Tron has just released his latest album, and it’s all up for free download from here.

Here’s what has to say about the release:

“Traversing a sea of downbeat soundscapes and glitched-out live instruments, Invader Tron‘s new album brings to mind lush landscapes, native New Zealand bush and windswept mountains.

Native Planet is now here… And free. However if you would like to buy this man a beer for his efforts, feel free to email him at to make a donation. ;)”

Artist: Invader Tron. Song: journey to the secret sky.

Invader Tron @ a Psy Pirate Party

Invader Tron aka Andrew Snook is one of the many talented cats to come out the Canterbury Psy/Outdoor scene and a humble dude to boot. You’ll often find him twisting knobs at sunrise , navigating a path through psyberspace and sharing  knowledge of a way. His song ‘journey to the secret sky’ is a great example of this. Not one to push or shove, Invader Tron delicately arranges the electrons and neutrons at his comand into beautiful melodic patterns helping you remember that the world isn’t completely fucked!

MP3: Invader Tron – journey to the secret sky

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:: Dr H