Mixtape Connection: Farewell Internetta – Party and Broadcast

Mixtape Connection - Farewell Internetta - Flyer

Hey folks, the Mixtape Connection is back!

This time gracing the fine CBD of Christchurch, playing a free show at Darkroom Bar!! This farewell party for our dear friend Netta will feature various DJ sets from some of the city’s finest and best looking Indie, Electro and Rock DJs.

Dance Armstrong AKA Ed Muzik will appear from your wildest sexy dreams,
Mr Bert Johnson from Throwing Shapes on RDU,
Tim, the Pinacolada Soundsystem, host of the ‘On The Decks’ show, also on RDU,
Myself, Dr Hitchcock rockin the Radness,
And not to mention a guest cameo appearance from DJ FALSE FACT.

This party will also be broadcast live on StarlifterRadio.com for those getting their Friday night vibe on and house parties around the world. Tune in via VLC, iTunes or another compatible program using starlifter.net.nz:8000/radio.m3u. Alternatively you can use the stream player on the Starlifter Radio front page.

Mixtape Connection: Farewell Internetta
Friday, 24th October 2013
Bar opens at 5pm, DJs start at 9pm
Darkroom Bar
Free entry

Come on down for a good ole boogie!

Dr H

RDU @ the APRA Silver Scroll Awards

Morgan from Breakfast With Spanky attended the APRA Silver Scrolls which was held in Christchurch for the first time ever! APRA is an association of NZ and OZ song writers and the big prize, the Silver Scroll, went to a CHCH man and ex RDU show host, James Milne aka Lawrence Arabia.

Mixtape Sessions – 27-05-09 [Special Edition 2009]

At the end of May a show host couldn’t do his show on RDU so I thought why not throw a Mixtape Sessions show for old times. Mixtape Sessions was the show I started on RDU around 5 years ago. Over the years I played rock, indie, bootlegs (unofficial remixes), hip hop, electro, minimal and heaps of random samples. I had a great time and I reckon this show went really well. It definately brought back fond memories, I really miss having my own radio show. Anyway, have a listen for yourself!

:: Dr H