Von Klap – Water and Wine

Water and wine is the latest release by glue-sniffing Christchurch mainstays, Von Klap (the band formely known as The Klap). It is also the leading single from their hotly anticipated debut album, which is currently being recorded in Churchtown’s finest boutique studio, The Sitting Room. Accompanied by a stunningly crafted video, this single is the first release from Von Klap that masks the depravity of the members’ minds behind a facade of composure. Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, or maybe more appropriately, a closet trani at their day job. This track wears its slease on its sleave, opting for vivid imagery of salvation over the graphic tales of violence and incest of their former work. Musically, the tune drapes evocative meloddy over a skeleton of gritty mongrel. The vocal delivery is unexpected and perfect, the founding chord progression keeps you guessing, and the verse/chorus dynamic is subtle and delicious. While it doesn’t have the charming hook and swagger of RDU favourites “Not Getting Younger” or “Screenplay”, this is the first tune released this year that has hugged me like an old friend and clung to the memory glands. Good luck getting it out of your head.

:: Tom Darlow

Cut Off Your Hands @ Al’s Bar 30/10/2008 [Review by Thom]


Since their last show in Christchurch, Cut Off Your Hands (COYH) have become world famous. Well, nearly. Touring with Foals and Friendly fires is definitely a step toward householdnamism, and signing to over 15 record deals worldwide is just about enough to keep bic biros in business. However, despite touring endlessly around the globe (7 UK tours last year), the group still have their roots.

Last night’s show at Al’s bar was the first from COYH since their nationwide tour with So So Modern. Back then, the group had one EP under their collective belts, and played alongside a then fresh faced and unknown Bang! Bang! Eche! With the release of their debut full length, and a few thousand miles later, COYH were back, and more contemplative than before.

Gig openers ‘The Klap’ were quick to impress with buttoned down shirts, foot-stomp glamour, and an alarmingly large number of people singing to every word. Seeing as the band have almost built their entire look around looking surprised, last night seemed a fitting induction to their new life as the RDU golden children.

After minimal delay, COYH graced the stage opening with an energetic, yet muddy ‘Happy as can be’. A single obviously lost on old fans, yet, like oxygen to the new breed of punters. The song did introduce the band’s new ‘open stage’ policy, a concept usually more at home in real-estate. The crowd claimed the stage with prompting from frontman Nick, opening the stage to a plethora of John Travolta-esque public/self-conscious dancing. The band followed with Turn cold, their latest single and throwback to their early days, before drifting into semi-self indulgent ballad country. While making some ground in justifying the inclusion of these ‘slow’ songs on record, they did little to add to the set. During this dimmer escapade, the crowd left the stage leaving a lone Mark (Tiger Tones frontman) to hold the fort, tackling the singer Nick and knocking out leads. The group did finish strongly, however, with stirring renditions of You and I, Oh Girl and Eyes Closed.

While the gig lacked intensity at times, it is obvious that the group have toured extensively, and are a real unit on stage. While my mum in Auckland still struggles to come to terms with their graphic name, I get the feeling that the name ‘Cut Off Your Hands’ will be on the lips of more than just knife wielding cretins, quicker than you can say “come on stage so people can watch you dance.”

Yay The Klap! What? Starlifter.TV… WTF??? Podomatic… Fully WTF???


The Klap – YouTube

First up congrats to The Klap for taking out RDU’s RounD-Up band competition for 2008. They put on a great performance in the final. As part of the prize pack they won they’ve already recorded a song and shot a music video (above). Download the song “not getting younger” here (right click and select “save link as”).

You may have notice that I’ve change the name of the blog to Starlifter.TV. Just a slight change and I’m hoping to do a lot more video (hence the .TV).

I’ve just started a new podcast on Podomatic.com called Starlifter.TV (original huh). You can find it at http://starliftertv.podomatic.com.The first episode features my latest DJ mix, Music To Raise Children to – Vol. 2. I’m hoping to put up a whole bunch of different stuff, interviews with musos, the odd jam from my band the Electro Pussy Posse (EPP), DJ mixes and random sound art guff. So yeah, it’s gonna be interesting. I hope you enjoy it. And if you ever wanna get in touch just flick me an email mixtapesessions (at) gmail (dot) com.

Dr H