Starlifter.TV in da hizzy, OH YEAH!

Howdy and Welcome!
Well I think that it has taken all of 2008 to get myself all sorted with a blog/site that can do all the things that I want it to do and here it is (hopefully this one won’t get hacked by Turkish Hackers).

*** Hi there! Welcome to Starlifter.TV ***

Dr Hitchcock here keeping it fresh, fried and freakified! I am Programme & Music Director and Friday Drive Host at RDU 98.5 FM in Christchurch, New Zealand, I host and produce podcasts, DJ out and about, throw the odd party, and make a general nuisance of myself (you how it is). My previous project was the “Mixtape” brand, the Mixtape Sessions Radio Show, the Mixtape Connection Parties and Podcasts etc.

But this is the new nu – if there’s any bands, producers or music you think is worth checking out let me know. That’s what Starlifter.TV is all about, helping amazing musicians and artists be seen in the cosmic jungle. You can email me at: starliftertv [at] gmail [dot] com or via any of the many sites listed on the side. I’m even thinking about producing some video shows in 2009 but we’ll see.

I’m in the process of reviewing the new Module ( live album ‘Pattern Dot Life’ so be sure to check out Starlifter.TV for that really soon. In the mean time you can hear the album for yourself. It’s available for free download from

Oh, Tom Cosm ( has a new song ‘heaps good strong board‘ available for free download now too. It’s heaps of fun.

Thanks for crusing with me on this journey. It’s great having you along for the ride.

Dr H

PS Mad props to Tim and the crew at Deflux Design for all their help! You guys RAWK!