Tom Cosm – heaps good strong board [song review by Thom]

‘Heaps Good Strong Board’ is the latest offering from Christchurch musician Tom Cosm, a man well renowned for his musical mana, his grippingly interactive website and all round willingness to give you a great big musical backrub. Not only does this wee number come free of charge from his website (, but it is accompanied with a barrage of tips and advice on how to get behind the decks yourself. This track is unmistakable Cosm at his foot stomping best, and while he has laid the foundations of the cut with his distinctive glitchy, yet water tight electro inferno, he keeps up the interest by painting over the ‘Tom-foolery’ with a number of inter-textual pop culture references, sound bytes and alarmingly recognisable voiceovers. For a man who puts TV on par with doing dishes or filing tax returns, I was blown away by how many of these I recognised. Simply put, this track is as hooky as a tackle shop, and takes the listener on a dance ridden journey, from the opening Animal Collectivesque intro to the ‘four to the floor’ final stanza. At price that will set you back about as much as air does these days, it is guaranteed to make your toes move. Get it now!