Artist: Tiddabadés – Title: Tiddabadés EP

You and I may have first heard of this Wellington outfit, Tiddabadés, a few months back when Mr Tom Darlow reviewed their radical performance in the Capital alongside CHCH indie-whatever darlings Bang! Bang! Eche!. Mr Tom described them as “truly a force to party with” and from a thorough trashing of their latest (and debut?) EP I can whole heartedly dig that jive.

I was skating my custom Starlifter.TV longboard around Riccarton on a faux-Summer afternoon listening to this EP and ‘Romance  Dance’ was the most enjoyable song to skate too, in fact this song would suit a cruisy longboading video fo sho. At times, as on the song ‘Texture’ they’re on the beat-up, channelling the punkness from beyond, and doing the RAWK thing. ‘Colours’ has a beautiful driving beat with sparkly guitar melodies. ‘Right Here’ is a rad little dancefloor party number that will keep your dancing shoes honest. And ‘SevenOneFive’ has a nice sense of space to it, like I was totally drifting around in a space. All-in-all HOT!

So that’s my 2 cents worth. What do you reckon?

MP3: Tiddabadés – Romance Dance (right-click and save as)

Dr H