Starlifter 2010 – the future and beyond

Dr H standing next to his Honeymoon campervan.

WOAH! 2010 has been well busy for this Doctor! You may have noticed that the Starlifter has been a bit quiet for the past month or so. Not only has it been Christmas and New Years but I also got married to my lovely lady, Claire Vivian aka DJ Apex Beat, about a week or so ago. MAD CRAZY AWESOMENESS.

I’ve got a feeling about 2010. Technology is gettin’ better and most radical (Apple iPad), music is bound to do some funky freaky things (Tiger Tones) and it just all feels good. Over the past month or so I’ve been thinking about Starlifter.TV HEAPS. I’m so grateful for the all the love and support from all the contributors, the wider music community and you the Starlifter.TV community. I’m in the process of refining what this crazy little spaceship is all about so if there’s anything you’ve really enjoyed or you think we could do better why not leave a comment below. Or even better if you wanna contribute to Starlifter.TV flick me a message about what you’d be interested in doing twitter: @starlifter or email: drh (at)

Mad love, peace and bamboo,
:: Dr H xoxox