LIVE | Paul Marcus Fuog | Junior

Paul Marcus Fuog - C24 - 800x540

Here at Starlifter we always like to try out different things, different can be new and new can different. Well on Tuesday June 7 from 6:30pm (Melbourne time) we’ll be broadcasting Paul Marcus Fuog from graphic design studio Coöp speak live from ‘Junior Drinks. Junior Drinks is held semi-regularly at The Workers Club in Fitzroy. It’s a chance for young creatives to get together and start some sort of revolution. They drink cheaply, trade stories and make grand plans.

So be sure to tunes for chit chat and pearls of wisdom or if you’ve got a few hours to spare in Fitzroy, Melbourne be sure to pop in and say ‘hi’. For more on the event email Monica and Ed, they’re very approachable and extremely good at that ‘introductions’ thing. To quote their website: “Some people call it networking, we call it ‘not that’. Because networking is lame. And we in no way endorse it.”