Dr Hitchcock – Too Much Code

It’s funny what you find when you visit your parents house…

I am currently making my annual visit back home to see my family in Stratford, Taranaki. I’m here for a week or so and I was checking out my 14 year old brothers CDs. Samuel has just turned 14 and is a rad little dude. Anyways, I stumbled across a CD I gave him a few Christmas’ back and found a whole bunch of my material on it from when I was studying at MAINZ in 2006. One of my favourite songs called “too much code” was on this magical CD and I love it! Let me know what you think!

The image above is from my friend Cam’s camera. It’s the result of a corrupt SD memory card. Choice huh!

MP3: Dr Hitchcock – too much code

Cruising with the nomadic cosmo-tribe ;)


Starlifter.TV is the new nu – although it’s kinda same, same, but different…

Actually I think the only thing different about this website compared to any other site or blog is perspective. It’s pretty simple, through this site I am trying to raise awareness of the sounds and messages I dig. To help all the amazing musicians and artists I come across be seen and heard in this cosmic jungle!!

If you’re diggin’ my buzz and you’d like to share your perspective then why not get involved? I am looking for 5 madly passionate people to contribute to Starlifter.TV with one 400-500 word piece every fortnight (more frequent articles would be wonderful). It could be a gig review, album review, song review, opinion piece, a news piece on the music industry, or whatever.

If you’re happy just chillin’ out with what’s already going down, cool, it’s a pleasure having you cruise with us on this journey – welcome to the nomadic cosmo-tribe 😉

Dr Hitchcock