Tiger Tones – short thing

Tiger Tones @ San Fran Bathhouse, Wellington

Tiger Tones @ San Fran Bathhouse, Wellington

Review by Darlene Brown

I was sent the new Tiger Tones track “Short Thing” to review; and although it has been a while since I’ve seen these guys play I’m not surprised at where the sound of this innovative and talented group has progressedShort Thing is a step sideways with less punk and more dance, with that undeniable Tiger Tones bassline keeping things steady. Picture this: a man driving down an American boulevard, top down with big black square wrap-around sunglasses talking on a brick cellphone. That’s just the drumfill. The rest of the track gives a nod to early Pig Out and LCD Soundsystem. The vocals remind me of Arthur Russell.

If this is a taste of a 2010 album, I’m excited!

MP3: Tiger Tones – short thing