Top 5 songs at the mo


Marie Celeste from Pig Out – DJ Crystal Migraine 

At Night – Shakedown, Serge Santiago rmx
Cities In Dust – Junkie XL, The Glimmers rmx
I Fee Space – Lindstrom, M.A.N.D.Y. rmx
Minemine – Salem
Aurora – Alex Gopher, Shinichi Osawa rmx
They Live – Evil Nine, Felix Cartel rmx

Sensitive – The Field Mice
Sistine Chapel Ceiling – Adorable
Dreams Burn Down – Ride
Pleadian Dance – Clikatat Ikatowi
Dooms Day – June Of 44



TwEQ – Minimal Mondays, RDU 98.5 FM
1. Debbie does Dallas (original mix) – Microdinamic
2. Sensation Seekers – (Martin Roth Nustyle Remix) – Mind X …. Mr squatch played this at Area 9… it went off! 
3. Donut Drama – (Original Mix) – Dousk
4. Free Cloud – (Original Mix) – Perfect Stranger
5. Electroid Sheep – (Original Mix) – Saiko-Pod
All fat, all played on Minimal Mondays from 11pm NZ time,…
A.D.A.M. – Sohomo Resident
Studio – Turn the Radio Off (Love is All Cover)
Tony Bartlett – Seed Trails (Ivanho Mix)
Late of the Pier – Heart Beat (Hot Chip Remix) STILL!!!! 😉
Pig Out – Revenge (Extended Radio Edit)
Justice – Planisphere (Religion Remix)
Special mention:
Autodidakt – Shit Your Rack (Proxy Mix)
Father Winchester – Broken Tortoise Feather