Starlifter Digitapes… submissions are open

So I’ve just returned to CHCH after a weeks holiday in my spiritual home of Melbourne (thank-you Melbourne Funk Party crew for all your love, dinner, desserts and dink). Over the past couple of months I’ve been trying out a few different things here on SLTV but here is yet another new thang, Digitapes. I’m gonna start regularly releasing online Digitapes, digital mixtapes with original tunes and sounds from various artists of varying genres. These releases are gonna be inline with the FREE and open communication philosophies of the world; free to download, share, and whatever. It can be a big ask for musicians to give their tunes away for free but hey, risk taking can be fun (and who’s not into risk taking these days?) Oh, and it’s good promo, right?

So here’s the submission criteria and deets:

  • Songs must be licensed under a Creative Commons license (for more info on this visit:
  • Your musical act must have an online presence.  Myspace is a good start but I recommend – it’s what myspace used to be for indepedant musicians but HEAPS BETTER!
  • The song file must be 320k MP3
  • The ID3 tag on the MP3 must be filled out as completely as possible with details in the following fields: song name, artist name, official artist url and bandcamp url (under comments), cover art image,  genre, year, album or release name, blah blah!@!!
  • All songs are to be uploaded here, and please send any bios, media releases or other info to: drh (at)
So that’s story party peeps. If it sounds like your bag, holla baby! If not, sweet as. And if you’re not a musician but there are songs you’d like to see on a SLTV Digitape let me know (or whisper in your favourite musicians ear).
Mad props, peace, and luff,
:: Dr H