Artist: Vampire Weekend. Album: Vampire Weekend.

similar to the “how many band members are there really” belle & sebastian set-up, with just a hint of lime and a snort of amyl or two. clean but dirty, cheeky but not rude. they’re the arctic monkeys your mum is ok with.

but don’t consign them into the too twee-for-me bin just yet. even if they DO name-check paul simon, they’re frisky and foxy and a little bit twisted (just WHY does blake got a new face?)
so you may be thinking you’ve heard it all before, but then again, if you’re not listening to electronic music what did you expect?

vampire weekend are that second and third beer on the porch. sure, you’ve tasted before, but your cheeks are flushed, you’re caught in a sunbeam & before you know it dancing like your dad makes sense.

i dunno the history or the facts – probly english, prob’ly rawkus as feck live, but right now exactly the solid production and song-writing that leaves the likes of MGMT lip-synching onstage in their fluro crushed velvet booties.

so if you like your organs warm & wooshy, your jungle drums-a-pounding and string arrangements subversively-swirly give ’em a spin.

“downy in sweat-shirts, absolute horror” indeed…
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:: Nurse NOS

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