Wrapped up – Eddy Current Supression Ring

More Melbourne magic! Yet another Melbourne act have broken out of the garage and onto international eardrums. Their name is The Eddy Current Suppression Ring, an obscurely named, motly group of Ozzie blokes, producing a beautaful mix of youthful angst and simplicity. Their latest tune, Wrapped Up, is awash with valvestate tones and simple hooks. It is the proverbial hug to your bad day at work, a filthy porche, or Mick Jagger with make-up. It is beauty draped over raw grit or vice versa. On the first listen it is easy to dismiss the tune for its simplicity, lo-fi production and repetition. However, these lads know that in pop music, less is more, and more is the kind of magic we haven’t heard since The Troggs. Enjoy falling in love.

:: Tom Darlow