What qualities do you look for in music or a gig? What f**ks you off?

Coco Solid

So I’m always out at gigs and listening to all types of music and I was trying to figure out what it is about different parties and music that hooked me. This is what a few of my friend have said. What do you think?

Alice Andersen – Girl Friday (Oh Yeah!)
i like: danceability, listenability, heckleability and outfits. tight horn sections.
i dont like: the half circle of death at the dux (Christchurch).

Tom Darlow – Lead man for The Deceivers (shake baby shake)
Originality and effort. And nudity.

Cameron Tod – Melbourne Party Man Extraordinaire
fun and creativity. I love it when you can tell the act is putting heaps of effort and care into their show, but they do it with a smile on their face.

Benji Jackson – a Freelance Journalist and Gentlemen Publicist in Auckland
Well I think it’s got to be a spiritual encounter at times. Like the band and the audience in harmony. As hippy as that sounds!
(What fucks me off?) People who go to gigs to be seen to be seen. Like paying your cash, smoking through three bands and catching the last band.

Mark Roberts – The Enright House
Musical sincerity, not entertainment 🙂

That’s their word, what’s yours?

Dr H