Select Committee Report on Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Bill [NZ] Just Released

After the earlier hearings, the Commerce Select Committee have now reported back on the draft Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Bill [PDF]. They have recommended that Internet Termination be temporarily disabled until it’s deemed necessary which is a slight improvement on the previous bill that had termination as an available penalty. Internet Termination itself remains problematic: we don’t cut off people’s access to the postal system, or phonelines if they’re used to break the law. Most internet accounts are shared, and Internet Termination will affect many people for the actions of one. Because there are no government statistics about infringing inter net downloading in New Zealand any decision to enable termination would be based on lobbying, not independent government research, and Internet Termination could be enabled in cabinet without a vote in parliament. Commerce Committee member Clare Curran explains the reasoning behind this.

An alarming addition to the bill is a return to Guilt Upon Accusation, with a clearly defined presumption of guilt under section 122MA. While the report recommends the requirement of a high-quality of evidence, it is unclear what’s considered as appropriate evidence. Often the methods of copyright infringement detection are considered a trade secret and the software is, ironically, protected by copyright and not available even to the court. This is exacerbated by the continued lack of any sanction for false or malicious accusations, making the process ripe for abuse. Read More

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The Virtual Revolution – The Cost of Free

The Virtual Revolution Episode 3: Destroys the myth of free internet services such as Google, Ebay, web-mail etc. Illustrates how commerce has come to dominate virtually all aspects of web provision, allied to their increasingly sophisticated tactics to gather data/information on all web-users. This data is then used to target us with advertising catered to our tastes / browsing habits. However, this data-trawling comes with a price, the surrender of our privacy.

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Starlifter.TV Gig Guide and Mobile Device Optimisation (phew…)

Random photo taken in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Man there’s been heaps happening on Starlifter.TV over the past 6 months. One of the parts of the website that has been just ticking over in the background is the Gig Guide, which can be found here: http://Starlifter.TV/gigguide. Every week I pick around 10 gigs throughout New Zealand (and sometimes around the world) that get the Starlifter.TV stamp of approval and stick them there. If you would like your gig or event considered for the Starlifter.TV Gig Guide upload it to if it’s in NZ or if it’s in another part of the world simply email it to: drh (at)

And some even more exciting news is that as of yesterday I have optimised Starlifter.TV  for mobile devices. What this means is that when you visit Starlifter.TV on your iPhone, iPod Touch, mobile device or mobile phone, the page should load uber fast and not use up heaps of data. This is particularly helpful when you’re downtown wherever and looking for something to do, you can just plug Starlifter.TV/gigguide into your device and get the latest on what’s happening, CHOICE!

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