Cure Motel and the Open Heart Circuitry NZ Tour 2014

Hey rad cats,

My old friend Darcy and his band Cure Motel are doing an NZ tour at the mo. They’re playing tonight at Churchills in Christchurch and at Dux Live on Sunday 19th October.

Cure Motel is filthy electro synth along the lines of Mulchzoid. Darcy is originally from Wellington but is now Melbourne based and I used to DJ with him and his crew when they came to town back in the mid-2000s. You might remember one of their gigs at Capitol Bar where the artist Reality Compound performed the song “Get Some Pussy” resulting in RC pouring a bottle of milk on his fury cat soft toy. Needless to say that the Bar Manager and his security were not happy.

For more info check out:

I’ll be down at Churchills tonight for a few pints if anyone is keen ;D

Dr H.