Earth to the Bloody Underground [PARTY!!!]

Hey yo!

The Brian Jonestown Massacre visit to CHCH isn’t very far away! To celebrate we’re throwing a combined album release party… Earth to the Bloody Underground. And it’s happening at the most alt-underground venue in town, the City Club, 818 Columbo Street!

Here’s the goss:

Flashy Photoshop Poster/Flyer

Lo-fi Alt-Underground Poster/Flyer

So from 8pm on Saturday 23rd August, come along to 818 Columbo Street (Opp. Cafe Valentinos) and head upstairs to the City Club!

Dr Hitchcock (that’s me), Apex Beat, Indie Slut, and BROS will be doing their crazy little Rock DJ thing, giving away BRAND NEW Dandy Warhols CDs and havin’ a laugh. Wanna come? It’ll be an uber-alt-rad time!

Did I mention…
Free Entry!

Did I mention…
Mixtape Swap. Bring a special stylie mixtape and swap for another rad demon.

Did I mention…
CHEAP BOOZE all night! I mean reasonably priced booze (Get into it, not out of it etc…)
$8 Jugs – Macs (amongst others) on Tap
$4.50 Pints
$3 12 oz Glass
$5 Steinlager Bottles
$5.50 Heineken, Stella and all Imported Beer Bottles
Not sure what wine and spirits costs but we’re getting low Club prices anyways ;)

Did I mention…
Pool tables!

This party is gonna be something very special, once in a lifetime and all that guff so I’d love to see! There might be a few lovely locals/members there to hang with so be sure to introduce yourself and say hi.

Earth to the Dandy Warhols CD Giveaways! – Courtesy of Isaac Promotions and Speak ‘n’ Spell Records
Many thanks to RDU 98.5 FM ( for their ever present support.

Here’s the guff on Facebook:

Dr H