* Starlifter is Looking for Interstella Contributors *

Hi there 🙂

First up a warm fuzzy hug for all who have been affected by the recent earthquake in Christchurch. We here at the Starlifter Media Complex were there with you in the thick of it and we’re just all so happy that everyone is relatively safe and sound. Kia kaha Otautahi ( for our international readers that means “Stay Strong Christchurch” in Maori ).

For the past few years the crew at Starlifter Radio & TV has been cranking out all sorts of rad media shiz. Well we are currently on the look-out for more intersella Starlifter contributors. We are mostly looking for people to write song & music reviews for the shipload of submissions that Starlifter receives every week and also to the cover the many gigs & partys that happen around Christchurch ( aka Quakechurch ). But if you’ve got an idea for something radical that you think you fit the Starlifter multiverse we’d be well keen to hear from you also.

So if you’re keen to get involved email us at: drh [at] starlifter [dot] tv – or via twitter @starlifterradio .

And if you’re looking for some fun new music Tom Cosm has just made a song for all of us in the recent Christchurch Earthquake. You can listen and download it from here:

Thanks for crusing with us on this journey. It’s great having you along for the ride.

Dr H