Eye, Adam Willets, Grunge Genesis + Richard Neave [Event]


Christchurch’s BORDERLINE BALLROOM put on some of the most interesting sound based events in town! Why not check out their latest offering:

Saturday 6th Dec, 
Neibelheim (under SoFA Gallery, South Quad of the Arts Centre), Christchurch
8pm, $5


Eye are a Dunedin rock/electronic group who use a combination of guitars, drums, sampled sounds and shortwave radio to explore the extremities of both quiet and loud noise They formed in late 2003 as a trio of Peter Porteous (Empirical, Lapdog, Electricity), Nathan Thompson (Sandoz Lab Technicians, Sleep, Renderizors) and Peter Stapleton (Rain, Flies Inside the Sun, Sleep, A Handful of Dust, Terminals). Turntablist Ryan Cockburn, who also performs solo as Spit, was also a regular member throughout 2004 and 2005 and although now living in Melbourne still makes occasional live appearances with the group. So far Eye have released a split 10″ LP (with 3 Forks) and a CDR ‘Black Ice’ on the Dunedin label Unitedfairymoons and a second CDR ‘Meridian’ plus a 7″ single ‘Interlock’/ ‘Memory Slip’ on the Auckland CMR label. They have just completed a new CD ‘Winterwork’ scheduled for release in 2009. Eye last played in Christchurch at the Physics Room in 2005.

Adam Willetts is a musician and artist whose practice shifts casually between hi-tech and handcrafted as he explores relationships and interfaces between people, technology and popular culture. His use of DIY electronics, radio, computers and game controllers creates dynamic and surprising live performances that carefully balance elements of fragile beauty with violent eruptions of static, electromagnetic interference and feedback. Adam has been performing and exhibiting throughout New Zealand and internationally since the late 1990s featuring at numerous festivals and exhibitions including Lines of Flight 2006 (Dunedin), TASIE 2006 (Beijing), S3D 2007 (Auckland), and Cloudland at ISEA 2008 (Singapore).

Anyone who has seen that Youtube clip with the maggot crawling/extracted out of that woman’s head will know that the most horrifying aesthetic frisson always contains a humorous hint of incredible hypodermic detail – just enough to turn any creeping horripilation into a bit of a comic tickle. Horror and comedy occur as awkwardly proximate sidekicks. Horror’s so willing to descend into the depths of bathos rather than contracted ineluctable despair, while Comedy is eager to sink its teeth into that very Achilles’ Heel. The limits of the Sublime come forth in a similar way when we listen to the sounds issued by Crèche Grunge Genesis. Not a desertion of some archaic nineties apparel halcyon but a re-figuring of its formative promise via the albeit somewhat musty attire of its fin de siècle musical incline, Grunge Genesis will capsize the crescendo-oriented reason of Ravel’s Bolero by becoming tentatively yet radically anti-Terpischorean in its retreating crawl back from Pukers Baroque to Peter Gabriel-sanctioned World Music™ quiescence.


this event is one leg of of a 2 WEEKEND, 2 CITY “radicalcartography” of Southern Sound… […forays into electromagnetic spectrum elucidation… expanded-field radiophony… noise-folk tradition… the social-geographics of soundculture reimagined as a poetics of city-drift… flat-earth frequencies for the google era… etc etc… featuring: EYE, ADAM WILLETTS, DIRT ROOM + TIM COSTER, GRUNGE GENESIS + RICHARD NEAVE, RADIO CEGESTE with NIGEL BUNN, A’SIDES for BETAVILLE, THE AUTO HARPIES, THE AESTHETICS, VOODOO GANGSTER…]

more on that soon + elsewhere…