Flattry is the sincerest form of imitation…

Flattr - Social micropayments
Flattr - Social micropayments

Hey yo,

Starlifter Radio has just jumped on the micro-payment bandwagon and is now using Flattr. It’s kinda like tipping at a bar or cafe and it’s what all the cool kids are doing 😀 Micro-payments are a way of supporting the things you love.

AND we’ve already had our first ‘flattr’!!! Many thanks to RootCat, a lovely french chap who we met on Diaspora (which if you haven’t tried yet you totally should, it’s a social network without big brother).

More on our main man RootCat can be found @:

So if you dig the tunes and wanna help spread the vibe? Then why not Flattr us. And remember, flattry is the most sincerest form of imitation…

Dr H