Fanny Packers UNITE! [Party Pix]

Hey yo! Thanks to all the party peeps who rocked along to my b’day party on Saturday night. Shit it was RA-A-AD. The gig was combined with Richard (who is departing us once again for busier shores), Ed (who had almost finished his study thang) and Mark (who was down from Wellington). Boy there were a fair few Fanny Packs clinging tightly to kitty-kats waists. Purrrrr. Here’s a little bit of what went down…

Would you trust this man to slice your lemon?

Pitchbrown, Dr H, Alice, Hadassah, Shane and Richard

Apex Beat

Dr H


Ross and Caitlin

Frances, Elektra and Lee


See ya next time cuties.
Peace and mush,
Dr H