The Incident, The Curfew Girls, Mean Street, Demi Whores, DHDFD’s @ Whammy Bar 10-12-2008 [Gig Review by Darlene Brown]

Scott from The DHDFDs –
Photo by Mark Burrows –

Curfew Girls –
Photo by Mark Burrows

Have you ever had the feeling where you just NEED to get fucked up? Or the insatiable urge to give your innermost soul a treat? I do, and I did just that when I went to the DHDFD’s Pt Chev Christmas Party gig featuring the Incident, Curfew Girls, Mean Street and the Demi Whores held at Whammy Bar.

If you don’t recognise those band names, just know that they are a punk/grunge/garage lovers orgasm – and all for a meagre $5! I could not believe the extent of this bargain, or the ferocity of this gig. It had everything: blood, fights, angst, rock, sweat – and, with an equal gender ratio of performers.

Mean Street –
Photo by Mark Burrows

Unfortunately we missed the Incident, but I’ll sum up the other bands prior to the main course; first up, the Curfew Girls. Three girls and a guy play a hard, almost screamo type of solid punk rock, reminding one of a female version of the Misfits. The lead singer looks hard, and like she could probably kill you with one punch. Next, Mean Street, who play everything that’s good about grunge and new wave, think Nirvana, Hole, Frances Bean Cobain…Well anyway, they have a new drummer who used to drum for the DHDFD’s, but guitarist/vocalist Emily and bassist Billie are definitely the heart of the group anyway.

The DHDFDs –
Photo by Mark Burrows

The Demi Whores were everything you expect – tight, raw and powerful. I can’t decide if it was this band or the DHDFD’s which caused my ears to hurt 24 hours after the gig ended…speaking of pain, you can’t dance to the DHDFD’s, you convulse. This band is funk, mental, punk, crazy, psychotic. I can’t describe how amazing their guitarist is. A DHDFD’s live show is fast, mental, constantly shapeshifting and dangerous, with vocalist Scott leaping around the whole building, jumping on people whilst throwing hard objects. He screeches higher than I ever could, even as a baby. At one point in the show he forward flipped onto a man spilling his beer and cutting him – the guy was so infuriated at this (the beer spilling) that he bayed for blood; he pushed Scott off the wall he was perched on and tried his best to fight through the writhing mob and kill him. Scott continued to eyeball and scream at him – see pic.

I left this show with other peoples blood on my skin, and wild eyes. Please see these bands whenever you get the chance.

The Demi Whores –
Photo by Mark Burrows