Benji from Muzai Records talks label stuff and the latest from The Postures


Benji runs Auckland based record label Muzai, one of the most exciting labels to come out AK in the last few years. Some currently signed artists include Cat Venom, Full Moon Fiasco, god bows to math, and The Postures. Previous artists include Bandicoot and Kittyhawk to name a few.

In this interview Benji talks recent signing, The Postures, and what is it is like to run a record label in these crazy digital days.

I do apologise but this interview was recorded a few months ago so some of the discussion sounds a little out of place but I do hope you enjoy it all the same smiley

Dr H

MP3 Download: Interview with Benji from Muzai Records Aug 2010
Listen online: Interview with Benji from Muzai Records Aug 2010
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