DJ Lotion & Knave Knixx debut on Starlifter 06.06.2012

Holla Starlifters!

These boys came, they saw, they rawked us a new music hole. DJ Lotion & Knave Knixx debut on Starlifter was a freakin’ rad time and I can assure you they’ll be back very soon for more lushness.

And if you’re out and about on Tuesday 19th June check out DJ Lotion play support for Kiwi outfit Urbantramper at The Workers Club. Tickets are only $10 or $5 concession and doors open at 7:30pm.

Download MP3: DJ Lotion & Knave Knixx debut on 06.06.2012

Dr H

Here’s the set list:
Artists – Song
Shit Robot – Teenage Bass
Oneohtrix Point Never – SEAGULLS OUTTAKE (GROSVENOR, LONDON March 18th, 2010)
Charlotte Gainsburg – Greenwich Meantime
Bear Hands –  Can’t Stick Em
Kittyhawk – The Beatdown (NZ)
Wolfgang Press – Kanvas
Frans Fu Muller – Ultrasound Vibrator 1
Glass Candy – Computer Love (Kraftwerk cover)
Badd Energy – Riot (NZ)
Kill Memory Crash – SP Fluid
Spermaids – Heyna Foetus
Twin Shadow – Five Seconds
The Count – Counting Song (Censored)
Smokey Bandit – Cattle Drive
Tommy Ill – Home feat. Pikachunes (NZ)
Sebastian Tellier – Cochon Ville (The Magician Remix)
Dan Deacon – Lots
Street Chant – Frail Girls (NZ)
Of Montreal – Coquet Coquette (Yip Deceiver Remix)
Circular Keys – Quaykey
Porcelaintoy – Cupid’s wink
Samuel Yirga – Abet Abet (Punt Mix)
This Mortal Coil –  Song To The Siren (This Crooked DJ Lotion Remix)

DJ Lotion & Knave Knixx debut on Starlifter

DJ Lotion & Knave Knixx
DJ Lotion & Knave Knixx

DJ Lotion & Knave Knixx make their debut on Starlifter this Wednesday 6th June. Originally from Wellington, Lotion & Knixx are former RadioActive 88.6FM Drive Hosts with Lotion also the former Music Content Manager and On-Air Producer for Active. Since arriving in Melbourne Lotion has been hosting various shows on 3RRR 102.7FM including the ‘Over The Ditch‘ New Zealand music feature. They’ve both been playing out around Melbourne and I caught them playing a fab Saturday arvo set at The Johnston Street Milk Bar next to Victoria Park Station on the weekend.

More info:
DJ Lotion – Facebook
Knave Knixx – Facebook
DJ Lotion – SoundCloud

It’s a real honour to have these guys on the stream, tune in on Wednesday from 8PM AEST (GMT+10).

Dr H

Hottest Whatever – Comedy Show Special with Lu and Rob – April 2012

Hey Starlifters!

Rob and Lu hosted a comedy special of the Hottest Whatever show in April in celebration of the 2012 Melbourne Comedy Festival.

Check it out!

1) The Muppets – I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts
2) Rhod Gilbert – Stand up (Welsh)
3) Tim Minchin – Ginger (UK/AU)
4) Flight of the Concords – You’re so beautiful (NZ)
5) Axis of Awesome – Four chord hits (AU)
6) Spike Milligan – Bad Jelly the Witch (UK)
7) Scared weird Little Guys – Tourism AU Parody (AU)
8) Robin Williams – Good Morning Vietnam (Radio Clip) USA
9) Hanibal Buress – Stand up (USA)
10) David Doherty – My Beefs 2011 (UK)
11) Jeff Green – Stand up 2011(UK)
12) Bill Bailey – Apocalyptic Rave (UK)

Download MP3: Hottest Whatever – Comedy Show Special with Lu and Rob – April 2012

Dr H

Blue & Green with Shaun Parker [04-01-2012]

Greetings and howdy,

The name ‘The Shaun Show’ was a tad unimaginative so he’s rockin’ with ‘Blue and Green’. I don’t know the story behind it but maybe you should ask him yourself. It works with me 😉

Well here is Shaun Parker’s latest show, impeccable beats as usual.

Dr H

MP3 download: Blue & Green with Shaun Parker 04-01-2012


Arist – Song – Label

1 Connan Mockasin – Faking Jazz Together (Tom Furse Remix) (Phantasy/Because Music)
2 Nicolas Jaar – Variations (Circus Company)
3 Quiroga – Liberati Funk (Really Swing)
4 Quiroga – Emanuelle Voodoo (Really Swing)Voice break
5 Andres – Don’t Fall In (Mahogani Music)
6 Romanowski – Sol Cumbia (Bastard Jazz)
7 Round Table Knights – Calypso (Sonora Remix) (Made to Play)
Voice break
8 Teebs – Your Favourite Weekday (Brainfeeder)
9 Karlmarx Project – Wakatipi (Melting Pot Music)
10 Kanye West – Otis (Instrumental) (Roc-A-Fella, Roc Nation, Def Jam
11 Ras G – Fatcat (Ramp)
Voice break
12 Dibia$e – Blessings (FRESH Selects)
13 Earl Sweatshirt – Dat Ass (Internet Release)
14 Aardvark – Hassel (Eat Concrete)
Voice break
15 Ifan Daffyd – No Good (White Label)
16 James Blake – Curbside (R&S)
17 Joakim & Bambounou – w00t (Sound Pellegrino)
Voice break
18 Full Crate – Joy (Wonderful Ear)
19 Komarken Electronics – Test Tube Funk (Solar One)
Voice break
20 Boddika – Breezin (Nonplus)