8k.nz – it is happening again…

Source: society6.com
Source: society6.com

What crazy times we live in! UK #Brexited, #Drumpf is leading the Republicans and I’m starting another internet radio station! A whole bunch of my Christchurch based mates are joining me in setting up a new thang called 8k.nz.

8k is a Christchurch centric, democratically driven and community focused internet radio station. It’s basically a whole bunch of our friends coming together and making a raucous sound. We’re not trying to change the world, become your new favourite thing or trying to figure out what you’re into so we can sell you more shit you don’t need; we’re just having fun. 8k is a place for us to experiment, to try things you can’t do on FM. The technology is there and it’s cheap so why not?!

I have a weekly show everything Thursday night from 8pm so stream with me for the latest.

And don’t worry, I’ll still be doing Starlifter Radio but it’s just much nicer playing with others huh 😉

This is Dr Hitchcock reminding you to…
Trust your TechnoLust.

NBA Show – No. 1 – with Netta, Benet and Andrew

If the drugs don't work...

Welcome to the first NBA (or Netta, Benet and Andrew) Show. Much radness has been rammed into this wee window of radio bliss, so enjoy. It’s also one of the first shows that has broadcast from the Starlifter Studio since the move from Melbourne to Christchurch.
Dr Hitchcock.

NBA Show – No. 1 – with Netta, Benet and Andrew by Starlifter Radio on Mixcloud

Hottest Whatever – Comedy Show Special with Lu and Rob – April 2012

Hey Starlifters!

Rob and Lu hosted a comedy special of the Hottest Whatever show in April in celebration of the 2012 Melbourne Comedy Festival.

Check it out!

1) The Muppets – I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts
2) Rhod Gilbert – Stand up (Welsh)
3) Tim Minchin – Ginger (UK/AU)
4) Flight of the Concords – You’re so beautiful (NZ)
5) Axis of Awesome – Four chord hits (AU)
6) Spike Milligan – Bad Jelly the Witch (UK)
7) Scared weird Little Guys – Tourism AU Parody (AU)
8) Robin Williams – Good Morning Vietnam (Radio Clip) USA
9) Hanibal Buress – Stand up (USA)
10) David Doherty – My Beefs 2011 (UK)
11) Jeff Green – Stand up 2011(UK)
12) Bill Bailey – Apocalyptic Rave (UK)

Download MP3: Hottest Whatever – Comedy Show Special with Lu and Rob – April 2012

Dr H

Blue & Green with Shaun Parker [18.01.2012]

Shaun Parker - 18 Jan 2012

Hey all,

Here is one of Shaun’s sets from January featuring tracks by Wildfire, Gary Numan & Tubeway Army, Flako, Flying Lotus, The Midnight Eez and more.

Dr Hitchcock.