Two Door Cinema – I Can Talk

Two Door Cinema Club
Two Door Cinema Club

The latest tuneage from UK based Two Door Cinema Club is a lot more dancefloor party styles than the last track covered on Starlifter.TV. “I Can Talk” will keep you feet moving, your body grooving and the booze flowing. What I find most interesting about this song is the contrast between the lead singers soft and smooth vocals and the driving beat of the drums. This could be a dance-floor anthem for our Kiwi Summer 2010 Space Odessey.

:: Dr H

Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work

Good-looking and melodious sounding Two Door Cinema Club is a yet commercially unspoiled band somewhere from Bangor. Labeled as “electro-pop” and “indie” one day they could probably become a competition to The Killers. The band’s recent track “Something Good Can Work” is a catchy fusion of noticeable indie vocals (thanks to Alex Trimble’s effort) and a very sincere and vibrant music score.

Something Good Can Work was the first song by the band I listened to. My first impression was as if Death Cab for Cutie got rid of their melancholy and changed their name. In the best traditions of Death Cab, Two Door Cinema Club is a good-quality mood music. Bubbly and refreshing, it made me think of having a mojito while chilling out somewhere on the beach after a busy day.

Some may think that lyrics do not mean a lot, especially in indie songs, so do the guys from Two Door Cinema Club (as it is pretty obvious from the band’s name itself). Dissolved in the tune and voice, random sentences without particular meaning pass by leaving one with nothing but a single line stuck in their head. This is where Cinema yields to Cab with their somnambulantly existential texts. However, it is not that bad when you keep on singing “Let’s make this happen, girl you gotta show the world that something good can work and it can work you”?

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:: Cara Tororo

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