Zane Lowe interview with Kevin from Tame Impala

My biggest hero in Radio, Zane Lowe, had a video chat with Kevin from Tame Impala in between road side diners and playing with MGMT across the States. Tame Impala have just released a new album called ‘innerspeaker’ and it is my favourite at the mo and is in the running for my fave album of the year.

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Dubber vs Lowe

Dubber vs Lowe
Andrew Dubber and Zane Lowe - talented kiwis

Andrew Dubber, freakin’ on-to-it Music Industry Specialist, recently caught up with Zane Lowe, BBC Radio1 Host, and ¬†former Max TV Host. Both are from New Zealand and both are the shiz! In this interview Zane talks about working on former Auckland Music TV Station Max TV, his musical projects Urban Disturbance and Breaks Co-op, and working on MTV Europe & BBC Radio1. Choice!

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