Stephen Farris – Alphabet Soup EP

Stephen Farris - Alphabet SoupNot a lot of hip-hop style electronic beats float past Starlifter these days but woah this shiz is mind blowing. Stephen Farris’s 3 track Alphabet Soup release is fascinating, neuron bending and simply happening. On ‘Leslie D’ the sound touches on the popular broken beat style without becoming a one-trick pony, a trait many of the songs in this style often possess. My favourite of the 3 is ‘Radio Drifter’ but then I am a sucker for glitches containing radio samples 🙂

Here’s the lowdown on Stephen Farris:
“Stephen Farris is a 20 year old beat maker, producer, and visual artist hailing from Houston, Texas. This soundscaper makes jams from forgotten synths, VHS tapes, and warped records of yesteryear. His inspiration comes from coincidences in nature, lucid dreams, and existence. He’s been collecting and sampling VHS tapes since he got his first sampler during his high school years. This is an aural and audible journey into the mind and soul.”

For more info and tunes from our very talented brother Stephen you can visit here:

‘Radio Drifter’ is currently on the Starlifter Radio playlist and you can download the EP for free from here:
MP3: Stephen Farris – Alphabet Soup EP

:: Dr Hitchcock