Interview with Opiuo – ‘Slurp And Giggle’ album launch – July 2010

At the start of July I had a chat with kiwi ex-pat and Melbourne resident glitch-master, Opiuo, just before his Christchurch set at Concrete Club. He’s currently touring to promote his new album ‘Slurp And Giggle’ and he is such a lovely chap!

The interview is currently on the Starlifter Radio playlist or you can download it from here:
MP3: Interview with Opiuo – ‘Slurp And Giggle’ album launch

Enjoy the interview and download his tunes yo!

For more Opiuo awesomeness check out…
His official site:
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Download his free music:

Dr H

Tiger Tones, Pikachunes & Dr Hitchcock this Friday

Supa yall!

The flyer does all the taLK. TTTTT

Tiger Tones – one of the most signifigant bands in CHCH since Shocking Pinks is doing the pilgrimage to AK/NZ. Who can blame them, AK is a rad city. Pikachunes is also making the move too. Sadness all round 🙁
So anyways, this Friday at Double Happy is your second to last chance to see them jam before their mighty trek. I’ll also be spinning some tunes at the start of the night. Come on down and hang yo. It’s $10 on the door and tunes start at 10pm. To get you in the mood here is their latest single ‘short thing’

MP3: Tiger Tones – short thing

Dr H

Mixtape Sessions on RDU 98.5 FM – 1st radio show for 2010

This is the cover for the latest Brian Jonestown Massacre album... choice!?!

Tom Cosm – Wedding March
Ash – wildsurf (extended mix)
Oasis – cigarettes and alcohol
Nirvana – clean up before she comes (obscure demo)
Ouch My face – junk punk baby
Bandicoot – bessie
Brian Jonestown Massacre – this is the one thing we did not want to happen
Radiohead – nice dream
Graham Coxon – lake
The Boo Radleys – from the bench at belvidere
The Doors – light my fire
Dubstar – stars
Eels – last stop this town
Nirvana – all apologises
Dr Hitchcock – Electrotastic [DJ Set]

New beginnings

So after a week or so of throwing names around I’ve decided that StarScream++ was a bit techie and a bit geeky and have decided to officially call the new Starlifter.TV SHOUTcast audio stream… Starlifter Radio, original huh. So it’s official as of today you can go straight to and listen to the latest and the greatest in the world of Starlifter.TV. One name I just thought of that would’ve been a laugh was “” – you indie kids will get it, you dance kids might not :p

So yeah,, a fully functional Death Star. Sometimes live from the Starlifter.TV Complex, sometimes with Auto DJ, HAL++. If you wanna know when live shows are happening follow us on twitter @starliftertv. If you’ve got any tunes or mixes you wanna share with the Starlifter.TV community you can upload them here: – and if you’re techie minded enough and wanna host a show on Starlifter Radio drop me a line:

Oh, by the way… I just uploaded a whole bunch of old photos from the old Mixtape Connection archive. If you ever went to any of those parties you know the radness, oh yes, you know the radness. Photos can be found here: – AH MEMORIES!

Dr H