The Starlifter.TV Manifesto [Revealed by Dr Hitchcock]


The Starlifter.TV Manifesto
The purpose of Starlifter.TV is to bring creativity into the collective conscious by encouraging artistic and creative expression as well as promoting dialogue between individuals within and beyond the community.
We believe in the freedom of ideas and expression, although we do encourage people to say more positive things than negative.
There will be little emphasis on “making money” and “increasing profits”.
The concept of copyright and intellectual property is replaced by communication and respect between individuals, artists, and organisations. Copyright and intellectual property implies ownership of ideas. NO ideas are owned.
All beings, whether they describe themselves as artists or not, are creators, but are better described as revelators. They convey ideas from the unknown into the known.
Recognition of a being, artist or organisation as author, creator, or revelator is an acknowledgement of the evolutionary path of the idea as opposed to an indication of ownership.
And so I ask you, how cool is a piece of string? 
Only Sophia knows…
Revealed by Dr Hitchcock
Monday, 24th November 2008 CE