Choice New Year to you, yo!

Apex Beat and I are packing our bags and gettin’ ready to head up to Takaka Hill, Golden Bay for the Canaan Downs New Years Eve Festival! Whatever you’re up to at the mo, have a choice one, be safe and we’ll see ya in the new year. Thanks heaps to all who have contributed to Starlifter.TV this year and stay tuned for what 2009 has in store.

Mad love, respect and peace,
Dr H

Let’s go to Canaan Downs! New Years Eve ain’t too far away!

Tom Cosm performing at Canaan Downs Festival this New Years Eve

Apex Beat and I and a whole bunch of kids from Starlifter.TV are getting ready for a rad new years eve up the hill at the Canaan Downs Festival. If you know of The Gathering that’s good because this party takes place at the same place. We had a great time there last year and we can’t wait until next time. It’s a party based around the community, friends, family, fun and love. Come party with us yo! Apex Beat and I are playing on New Years Eve in the 3rd Resistance zone so if you find yourself there come and say hi!

Some of party peeps that are playing are:
Tom Cosm
Ed Muzik
Sam Hunt
Charlie ASH
An Emerald City
Antix / Fiord
Little Bushman
Invader Tron
Camo MC
Sticky Fingaz
Psymon Barnett
Tiny Paper Daggers
The Undercurrents
Cowboy Machine

For more details visit these places online:
General info:
Full Line Up:
Videos and guff:

Dr H