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Hey Star-listeners, what’s the haps with you? Where are you rockin’ these days? Where do you get your doof on? Well we’ve just added plenty to the HAL++’s playlist to keep you moving and groovin’. We’ve also uploaded the lastest set from Bill and his show Human Pleasure at Hourly Rates (if you don’t know who he is well he’s the John Peel of the Southern Hemisphere ūüėČ

Here are some of the tunes just added to the Starlifter Radio playlist:
Name – Artist – Release
Blue Star – Seapony – Go With Me
How Can U Luv Me? – Unknown Mortal Orchestra – How Can U Luv Me?
Money (That’s What I Want) – The Beatles – With the Beatles
Outside Chance – The Turtles – Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era, Vol. 2
At The Farm (Live at The Ghost Room) – White Denim – At The Farm (Live at The Ghost Room)
The Struggle – Liam Finn – FOMO
Singer In Mouth – T54 – Drone Attacks [EP]
We Are Sex Bob-omb – Sex Bob-omb – Scott Pilgrim vs. the World OST
Pen Dog – Street Chant – Means
Indigo Child (Stereolab Remix) – No Joy
Might As Well Get Used To It – Dead Flowers – Dead Flowers
Eyes, lips body (Mekon vocal mix) – Ramshackle – Hackers OST
Goodbye Blue Monday – Mount Pleasant – The Flood
NZ Copyright Law Amendment – Anonymous
Italo Boot Mix Vol. 3 (Part 1) – Italo Boot Mix Vol. 3
Shades Of Black (Original Mix) – Breakbot – Let The Children Techno
Goldene Kugel – Siriusmo – Mosaik
2 Hearts – Digitalism – I Love You Dude
Let Love Rule (Bootleg) – Tim Healey
Slice of Heaven (Tom Cosm Remix) – Dave Dobbyn
Carnival Drop – Hexstatic present Trailer Trax – Scan Me EP
Incident (Miyagi) (Original Mix) – Joris Voorn
Everything in its Right Place (Gigamesh / DiscoTech Remix) – Radiohead
Long Burn The Fire – Beastie Boys – Hot Sauce Committee Part Two
Guided By The Stripes – Masha Qrella – Unsolved Remained

Dr H

Starlifter Radio in the 3051… Melbourne!

Shocking Pinks - Dance the Dance Electric

Howdy there! Dr Hitchcock here.

So it’s like the something of March 2011 and I’ve finally got round to posting something here in the blog for Starlifter Radio. Man it’s been a hectic couple of months. I guess it always gonna be moving countries and over a great body of water. Well, we finally made the big move back to Melbourne from Christchurch. And just in time as it turned out. Late in February Christchurch was hit by another massive earthquake, more destructive than the one in September. Although our immediate families and loved ones are alive we do know of people who are not. Our hearts and thoughts go out to all who lost people in the quake. It sucks, it’s hard and we really do feel for you. Believe it or not but almost 80,000 people have temporarily moved out of the city… 80,000, that’s almost a fifth of the city. Freakin’ woah! If you do want to help the people of Christchurch recovery from this traumatic event please try and help where you can or donate to the NZ Red Cross [].

Now on to the tunes, there are a few Christchurch gems in there, a new track from Muzai Records signed Sherpa, an oldie from Blonde Redhead, a remix of the original earthquake track by Circuit Bent, a new one from the new Siriusmo album and a dirty ole demo from Shocking Pinks first album, Dance the Dance Electric. Oh, and we have the latest podcast from Indie Slut, host o f Human Pleasure at Hourly Rates on RDU 98.5 FM. Jah bless you uncle!

So much love and peace,
Dr H

New songs just added to the Starlifter playlist
Song – Artist – Misc
Crazy Love – Colder
Us Against The City (Demo) – Shocking Pinks
Turn – My Disco
Batman Through A Telescope –¬†Sherpa
Futurism Vs Passeism –¬†Blonde Redhead
It’s A Wilderness… –¬†APTEKA –¬†
How Ye – Die! Die! Die!
NROB BMUD – Regurgitator –¬†
Streetlighter – Golden Glow
Oh No – Mother & Father
When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Karazzee – !!!
Corner Of The Sky – Cut Copy
CHCH Earthquake Tune (Circuit Bent Remix) –¬†Tom Cosm –
Mosaik – Siriusmo
Vanilla Minus – Gold Panda
Pepperland – The Beatles
Light Pattern – Bonobo
Hannibal –¬†Caribou
Give Up The Ghost –¬†Radiohead
Pedestal –¬†Portishead
Protection –¬†Massive Attack
Rovor – Bop
Unsolved Remained –¬†Masha Qrella

With extra an extra special podcast from Indie Slut!!!
‘Human Pleasure at Hourly Rates’ Podcast – Monday, March 7th 2011
Artist – Song – Release
Lumerians – Burning Mirrors [Transmalinnia LP]
That Ghost – After Passing [Songs Out Here LP]
Xray Eyeballs – Crystal [Crystal 7″]
The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Iluminomi [Iluminomi single]
Televised Crimewave – Objects of Desire [Different Times LP]freedownload
thee spivs – Radio [Taped Up LP]
Exlovers – Blowing Kisses [single]
Cats Eyes – Cats Eyes [Cats Eyes EP]
Remodel – Situational Tragedy Pt 2 [Statues LP]
The Sorry Kisses – Sunstorms [Keep Smiling LP]
Colleen Green – Dance the Night Away [Green One EP]
The Two Koreas – Midnight Brown [Science Island LP]
The Sunday Reeds – Get Nothing Done [Dark Rainbows EP]
Beach Fossils – Fall Right In [What a Pleasure EP]
Craft Spells – The Fog Rose High [Idle Labor LP]
Bass Drum of Death – Get Found [GB City LP]
First Love, Last Rites – Slow Wind [S/T LP]
The Chapman Family – Anxiety [Burn Your Town LP]
Low – Witches [C’mon LP]
Wye Oak – Dog Eyes [Civilian LP]
Davila 666 – Los Cruces [Tan Bajo LP]
Frankie And The Heartstrings – Possibilities [Hunger LP]
Chixdiggit! – Found Love [Safeways Here We Come LP]
Cold Cave – Underworld USA [Cherish The Light Years LP]
Noah And The Whale – Give It All Back [Last Night On Earth LP]
Martial Canterel – You Today [You Today LP]
Tim Cohen – Hey Little One [Magic Trick LP]
Kurt Vile – Peeping Tomboy [Smoke Ring For My Halo LP]
Ride – Vapour Trail [Nowhere 20th Anniversary reissue LP]
Banjo Or Freakout – Black Scratches [Banjo Or Freakout LP
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Belong [Belong 7″]
Foot Village – Lovers With Iraqis [Lovers With Iraqis 7″]
Girls Names – Se√°nce on a Wet Afternoon [Dead To Me LP]
Hunters – Brat Mouth [Hunters Ep]
Muncie Girls – First Things First [Muncie Girls LP]
Rafter – Oh No [Quiet Storm LP]
The Lovely Eggs – Why Don’t You Like Me? [Cob Dominos LP]
The Sky Drops – Explain it to me [Making Mountains EP]

Nervous Radio…

Sup cats,

Here’s the latest to be added to Starlifter Radio. And a few downloads for ya too. Make sure you get a copy of Nervous and Alphabet Soup. Just unbelievably um!!

Dr H

Artists – Song – Info

Pikachunes – Nervous – Lil Chief Records [CHCH/NZ] Free Download
Yelle – La Musique – Kitsune Music [France] Buy from Amazon
Waxdolls – Spoilt Rich Bitches
Daft Punk –¬†Derezzed (Tron Legacy Soundtrack – NTEIBINT Remix) [France]
Digitalism – Blitz [Germany]
Tom Cosm – BubbleButt (N√łrt Rmx) [CHCH/NZ]
Isaac Chambers – Siberia [CHCH/NZ]
Röyksopp -Forsaken Cowboy РSenoir [Norway] Buy from Amazon
Stephen Farris –¬†Radio Drifter –¬†Alphabet Soup EP [Houston, TX, USA] Free Download

Juicy July, time for some new designer tunes on the ‘lifter

Welcome to a new month and the new line-up of tunes on the Starlifter Radio playlist.

One of the biggest releases to come out for me over the past few months has been the new one from the Chemical Brothers, ‘Further’. It’s fabulous, and probably one of my favorites since ‘Dig Your Own Hole’. Definitely not as dark and much more on the loved up buzz which I think is just what many people in the world need right now. I’ve added ‘K+D+B’ to the mix and ¬†to compliment that ‘It Doesn’t Matter’ is there just to remind you that the K-Hole isn’t too far away.

dESIGNER vIOLENCE¬†is the blood-gloss configuration of Thomas Dietrich and Tristen Deschain.¬†Barely a year old, dESIGNER vIOLENCE is just starting to receive pin pricks of the attention. The duo’s profile was recently elevated after the success of it’s remix of Within Temptation’s “The temptation within”. Tristen was formerly in a Christchurch outfit called 5 1/2 Minutes. We’ve added a glitchy wee number from them called ‘lIPSTICK’.

All my friends seem to be raving about these guys at the moment and why not ‘I think I, I think I like it!’. Fake Blood are the radness on the italio-nu-disco tip and I dig it yo. Cheers to Endless Alias for this hook-up.

Man, Tame Impala. They are just amazing. ¬†Their latest album, ‘Innerspeaker’, is in the running for my favourite album of the year, definitely the best rock album of the year so far. They seem to be pretty good at covering other people’s music too, a cover of the Midnight Juggernauts ‘Vital Signs’ has been just added, enjoy.

Karlmarx is production duo Isaac Aesili (aka Karl) and Mark McNeill. Isaac is based in Auckland and his brother Mark is based in Christchurch. The project got started as an experiment in combining the¬† different tastes of the two brothers together to see what the fusion of these would sound like. The songs on this album were made specifically after being conceptualized around the themes Karlmarx decided to explore.¬†Mark McNeill is a¬†producer and¬†engineer who makes his own music while studying at film school at Canterbury University. He was initially the studio engineer for The Shocking Pinks who are signed to DFA Records in New York. His influences include industrial and synthpop. ‘Leaning Shadows’ has been added to Starlifter for your listening pleasure.

And just to round things off I’ve uploaded ‘The Twelfth Hour’ DJ mix set from Brazilian Disco duo, The Twelves. Everything these guys touch is gold. Dance baby! If you want it for your MP3 Player you can download it from here.

This radness resides on-air also::

Artist – Song – Website
We Are Terrorists – Ground Zero
Orbital – Don’t Stop Me
Hawnay Troof – Find A Way
SoNic Smith – Wii Break (Sharkweek Hz 2 Wii remix)
Sharkweek – Small Firm Peppermints (Haszari Filthy Pepper Mince Pie remix)
DatA – One in A Million
Go Home Productions – How Soon Is Independence? [] (Free download)
The Mint Chicks –¬†Ockham’s Razor
Brains – violet []
Ghost – Postcards from the Edge
Section 25 – Looking From A Hilltop
Tom Cosm and Hannah Flatman – The Opaque Dub [] (Free download)
Luscious Jackson – Why Do I Lie?
Cavalcades – All Gathered ‘Round
Tortoiseshell – This Girl (Canyons dub)

And heaps more ow! Thanks for hanging and enjoy the tunes.

Dr H

P.S. Many thanks to the boys at The Joint ( for the kind birthday wish (I turned 29 on June 26) and putting me onto ‘One in a Million’ from DatA. You guys rock.